South-East Grand Prix Rd3 – Hethersett

HETHERSETT HAWKS / YELLOW BRICK MORTGAGES had a very busy and successful weekend. It included getting their first League wins of the season and hosting a staggering number of riders on Saturday after contractors finished laying concrete in the pits the day before!!

Saturday’s South East Grand Prix Round 3 (which doubles as a regional round of the British Youth and Junior League) attracted 65 riders, 29 of them were Under-10 and 19 came from the home Club.  There were A Final victories for Luca El Labany in the Under10s and Mason Martin in the Under-16s (his was by default but he rode exceptionally well to drop just three points in the combined qualifying heats).  Other Hawks to catch the eye were  Nyla El Labany, Oscar Copeland, Ronnie Harding and Aiesha Musa plus George Morris in his first competitive match.

Full results –

BYJL Team Scores (U12 U14 U16 U18 & Girls)

Kesgrave 115 Norwich 59 Hethersett 55 Hellingly 23

Grand Prix Finals


A – 1 Lincoln Powling (Kesgrave) 2 Freddie Mower (Gt Blakenham) 3 Alfie Rawlings (Kesgrave) 4 Lauren Fenn (Kesgrave)

B – 1 Leo Piggott (Gt Blakenham) 2 Harry Holder (Gt Blakenham) 3 Alfie Gunn (Hethersett) 4 Freddie Faies (Gt Blakenham)

C – 1 Evie Fenn (Kesgrave) 2 Nyla El Labany (Hethersett) 3 Grace Cameron (Hethersett) 4 Brody Harris (Kesgrave, ns)

D – 1 Ava Harrison (Kesgrave) 2 Josh Morris (Hethersett, ns)


A – 1 Luca El Labany (Hethersett) 2 Theo Case (Kesgrave) 3 Frank Spauls (Kesgrave) 4 Oscar Copeland (Hethersett)

B – 1 Ronnie Harding (Hethersett) 2 Oscar Pemberton (Kesgrave) 3 Samuel Ridley (Hellingly) 4 Jasper Johnson (Gt Blakenham)

C – 1 Austin Brailey (Hethersett) 2 Caiden Rawlings (Kesgrave) 3 George Morris (Hethersett) 4 Arlo Davies (Hethersett)

D – 1 Harry Holder (Gt Blakenham) 2 Noah Cameron (Hethersett) 3 Oliver Spurgen (Kesgrave, ns)


A – 1 Ollie Edmunds (Kesgrave) 2 Demi-Blu Harris (Kesgrave) 3 Connor Jarrett (Kesgrave) 4 Will Blackmore (Norwich)

B – 1 Harry Ridley (Hellingly) 2 Charlie Spurgeon (Kesgrave) 3 Isaac Powling (Kesgrave) 4 Lola Martin (Hethersett)

C – 1 Zachary Eastwood (Norwich) 2 Jamal Musa (Hethersett)


A – 1 Shaun Kell (Norwich) 2 Harvey Shumake (Kesgrave) 3 Oscar Hammond (Kesgrave) 4 Luca Woodhouse (Kesgrave)

B – 1 Paul Edwards (Hellingly) 2 Dylan Geer (Hellingly) 3 Will Clarke (Hethersett) 4 Matthew Sidell (Hethersett)


A – 1 Mason Martin (Hethersett)


A – 1 Tom Blackmore (Norwich)


A – 1 Ella Case (Kesgrave) 2 Aiesha Musa (Hethersett) 3 Josie Kell (Norwich) 4 Amelia Dodson (Hethersett)


A – 1 Noah Woodhouse (Kesgrave) 2 Owen Wells (Ipswich) 3 Fraser Harris (Ipswich) 4 Jamie Medler (Norwich)

B – 1 Luke Dunningham (Ipswich) 2 Paul Delaiche (Hethersett)


A – 1 Paddy Wenn (Norwich) 2 Rory Freeman (Norwuch) 3 Steve Hammond (Kesgrave) 4 Paul Jay (Kesgrave)

B – 1 Barrie Geer (Hellingly) 2 Gavin Whitehouse (Gt Blakenham)

* Qualifying heats for these categories were raced as one competition with 18 riders.

65 riders

Referees – David Ewbank, Steve Copping, Harley Hamill.

Hethersett riders will be in action at Eaton Park on Wednesday evening in the first Norfolk Grand Prix for Under-16s, Females (12+) and Seniors. Racing starts at 7 p.m.

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