Norfolk Grand Prix Round 3 – Harford Park

The third Norfolk Grand Prix for the younger age groups was held at Harford Park with 14 riders present – 11 from Hethersett and three from Norwich.  The racing was competitive and entertaining as always with all riders getting encouragement from team colleagues and opponents.

Nyla and Luca did the El Labany family double winning the Under-8s and Under-10s. Remy Davies and Alfie Gunn were 2nd and 3rd in the Under-8s while Ronnie Harding and Oscar Copeland did likewise in the Under-10s. Austin Brailey beat Arlo Davies in the “B” Final.  Aiesha Musa (2nd) and Amelia Dodson (4th) contested the Under-13 Final.

Current grand prix tables are here:

Results (Hethersett unless stated) –

Videos are on our youtube channel:


“A” – 1 Nyla El Labany 2 Remy Davies 3 Alfie Gunn


“A” – 1 Luca El Labany 2 Ronnie Harding 3 Oscar Copeland 4 Stanley Budds (Norwich)

“B” – 1 Austin Brailey 2 Arlo Davies


“A” – 1 Will Blackmore (Norwich) 2 Aiesha Musa 3 Zackery Eastwood (Norwich) 4 Amelia Dodson

Referee – Jamie Medler

The next Grand Prix will be for Under-16s, Female (10+) and Seniors at Hethersett on June 29th.

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