Norfolk Grand Prix Round 3 – Harford Park

The third Norfolk Grand Prix for the younger age groups was held at Eaton Park with 14 riders present – 11 from Hethersett and three from Norwich.  The racing was competitive and entertaining as always with all riders getting encouragement from team colleagues and opponents.

Current grand prix tables are here:

Results (Hethersett unless stated) –

Videos are on our youtube channel:


“A” – 1 Nyla El Labany 2 Remy Davies 3 Alfie Gunn


“A” – 1 Luca El Labany 2 Ronnie Harding 3 Oscar Copeland 4 Stanley Budds (Norwich)

“B” – 1 Austin Brailey 2 Arlo Davies


“A” – 1 Will Blackmore (Norwich) 2 Aiesha Musa 3 Zackery Eastwood (Norwich) 4 Amelia Dodson

Referee – Jamie Medler

The next Grand Prix will be for Under-16s, Female (10+) and Seniors at Hethersett on June 29th.

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