Mel’s Coronavirus Conundrum

If like me you are self-isolating, apart from daily exercise at a social distance, then this may help…..or it might send you further over the edge!!!

If you are a key worker keeping the country going please do not let this distract you from the brilliant work you are doing – we are all very proud of you.

I now cannot escape all those jobs that I have promised to do at home for decades without realising how much sport is such a big part of my life!!

So I decided to set a conundrum similar to my Christmas ones to keep your little grey cells active and, as this is a pandemic, what better time to learn the countries of the world.  So for this conundrum you have to find 50 of the 198 countries from the cryptic clues.  I have also set a little brainteaser at the end.

Unlike at Christmas this is not a competition – there are no prizes – I cannot get out there to get the single toilet roll on a slow boat to China that I wanted to offer!  There is no time limit either so when you have finished or have just had enough then you can ask for the answers.

I know many people find cryptic clues hard – especially some of my warped ones – so I have some alternative options for you.  You can ask for –

Version 2 that will give the number of letters in the answer

Version 3 that will give the first letter of the answer

Version 4 that gives both!!!  (This might be a good one for the children or grand-children to research the globe?)

Just e-mail me if you want these versions.

Also, please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might find it useful in these difficult times or put it on any social media platforms.  Sharing is caring.

Above all keep safe.

Regards Mel


1 1001 cover former partner to join business
2 A fish uses this to touch down
3 A place to play or hide with former European currency
4 American uncle starts a solemn declaration
5 Arrive behind an Italian river
6 Best with cranberry sauce?
7 Chop up, braise and serve here
8 Cold High Street store
9 Come back in the morning for a doze
10 Could this be a virus and is there any end?
11 Crazy oven shows sign of injury
12 Cup of tea for an old penny
13 Elderly Prince goes to the trees
14 Ex-Prime Minister goes round in a circle
15 Flintshire town lays on eggs
16 Fresh start and laze around
17 Give clothing support to our returning Queen
18 Goes with neither route
19 Good man joins singer Eartha’s family and tallest Ben
20 Health resort at home
21 Sounds of a musical
22 Hear the Lion King as he encounters a spun web
23 How I performed in the marathon
24 Listen! State what snails have
25 Manchester XI says of whipped cream – “A1”
26 Monopoly card could tell you where to go to collect money
27 Muddled Boris and Gove ran in haze
28 Now £1.05 and thousands of them race at Newmarket
29 On my mind according to the song
30 One’s inside another Asian country
31 Perform music to an opening
32 Plane flies around
33 Pure and simple? No! it is complicated
34 Queen joins a sailor
35 Right call for this fish at the cinema
36 Sound of an Italian city crier
37 500 go round in five directions to take vegetable North
38 Sounds like I am asking you to do something
39 Stan has a restless kip first
40 Take a tinny to a place to cure drinking where 500 are inside
41 The sound of a fir tree
42 This country has its old money and its new
43 This hound is brown
44 Two things you might have to do outside a supermarket!!
45 US gangster hides away in European country but not there now
46 Vital yachting can find you there
47 You have a good look Mr.Goose!!
48 Sounds a good place to get married – Knot!
49 You might also  get turned around here
50 Young scout gets top grade
A general knowledge teaser –
Where are the best and worst countries tfor social distancing? I.E. those with the least and the most people per square kilometre!!!  (Here’s a clue – they both start with the same letter and do not feature above)

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