Racing introduced in the Hawks Covid-safe fitness sessions!

The normal Tuesday night Club Night where all riders can attend is not possible at the moment, so we have split Tuesday nights into 3 x 45 minute sessions and introduced 3 more sessions on Saturday mornings. The new-style sessions have proved very popular and we have now increased the maximum number of riders per session from 6 to 8. Restrictions have reduced and we are now able to introduce racing back into the training sessions. The riders are really enjoying the competitiveness of racing again and it is very exciting to watch!

All matches have been cancelled this year, but the Hawks now feel able to stage the Norfolk Individual Championships in a covid-safe way. The Championships have run every year since 1950 and is an event that all riders from both Norfolk clubs can be involved in, whatever their age or ability.

Normally the Championships are held on one day, but due to the new restrictions this year we will be holding 2 age categories on Sunday afternoons through September.
Sep 6 – 14:00 Under-8s / 16:00 Ladies/Girls
Sep 13 – 14:00 Under-10s / 16:00 Under-19s
Sep 20 – 14:00 Under-13s / 16:00 Seniors
Sep 27 – 14:00 Under-16s / 16:00 Veterans
Only riders that have booked and paid entrance by Midnight on the Friday before the event will be able to race. For details on how to book send an email to with the riders’name, date of birth, mobile number (or parent if rider is under 16) and which categories they want to enter. This year’s Championships are a lot different to normal, so there is quite a lot of information that needs to be passed on to all riders and spectators..
Results for each category going back to 1950 are here: