2022 Norfolk Grand Prix Series – dates announced!

Dates have been confirmed for the 6 rounds of this years’ Norfolk Grand Prix Series. As usual the rounds will be held on Wednesday nights at different tracks in Norfolk. This competition is open to all abilities of rider and costs £1 per night, no British Cycling license required.

Racing will be held fortnightly and due to the popularity last year, we have decided to split each round over 2 evenings. This also allows us to introduce a new category of Under 18 girls. The categories for Under 8s, Under 10s and Under 13s will be held on one night, and categories for Girls, Under 16s and Over 16’s held on the next Wednesday.

Riders will still only be able to ride in one category per night, but U13s will also be able to ride in the U16s category the following Wednesday and girls aged under 13 will be able to ride in their age category and the Girls category.

Some venues are still to be confirmed but we will keep you updated when they are confirmed. The rounds are all on our calendar and are as follows:

Round 1 – April 20th – Hethersett – U8, U10, U13 / May 4th – Harford Pk – Girls, U16, Senior

Round 2 – May 18th – TBC – U8, U10, U13 / June 1st – Eaton Pk – Girls, U16, Senior

Round 3 – June 15th – Harford Pk – U8, U10, U13 / June 29th – Hethersett – Girls, U16, Senior

Round 4 – July 13th – Eaton Pk – U8, U10, U13 / July 27th – TBC – Girls, U16, Senior

Round 5 – August 10th – Hethersett – U8, U10, U13 / August 24th – Harford Pk – Girls, U16, Senior

Round 6 – September 7th – Harford Pk – U8, U10, U13 / September 21st – Hethersett- Girls, U16, Senior

Best 5 out of 6 scores count.